Anyone got an Infrared bathroom heater?

Found 18th Oct 2017
I was considering upgrading to an infrared panel heater in the bathroom as they are very low profile.

But I saw that they have a very high surface temperature - 70 to 130degC! That sounds rather warm for a panel heater and not particularly safe.

Is anyone able to confirm? As I am planning on putting the heater at knee height, but not if it gets that hot.
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I have purchased a Herschel Select 600x1200mm 700W White Far Infrared Panel Heater - and yes, they do get very hot. I wouldn't recommend mounting one at a height at which it could be touched (especially if you have kids!). I mounted mine on the ceiling and it works really well.

I had one at my previous house and it was mounted on the wall above head height, it worked ok but it got very hot so I wouldn't have wanted it mounted lower down, if you accidentally touched it you could have got a nasty burn. It warmed up my head and shoulders very quickly but my legs would still be freezing.
If I was looking for a bathroom heater now I'd go for a different type.
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