Anyone got an o2 mobile there not wanting anymore?

    Im just after an o2 mobile for going offshore, so it could be anything at all, its just for sending texts....yes we get a norwegian signal in the north sea lol

    if anyone has a good heart and can donate one, id rep them extremely lol
    only if you have one sitting in a cupboard doing nothing ...

    thanks for any help


    I have a O2 SIM that you can have.
    Just need to activate it and put credit on it...
    Obviously you need a phone to put it in :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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    is it the sim that you pay £20 and get 1000 texts or something like that?


    is it the sim that you pay £20 and get 1000 texts or something like that?

    Get any o2 sim, and top up £10 get 300 anyone texts, of that £10 use £5 for a bolt on and get 1000 units to use as texts or mins to any of your fave 10 o2 numbers. Handy and VERY cheap if you only really contact 10 people on o2

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    cool, whats the one with unlimited texts lol


    cool, whats the one with unlimited texts lol

    top up £30 a month

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    ah right thanks

    i have o2 unlimited sim card diff to those mentioned look up at if want cans send me sae and will post to you x

    Yeah mine says on back of envelope-

    "Top up between £10 and £14 and get unlimited text to O2 numbers. Top up £15 or more and get unlimited texts and calls to O2 numbers"

    My only concern would be that you are accessing the Norwegian network,.....are you roaming.

    If you want this SIM just PM me your details and I will get it accross to you

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    thnks DarloNige ill pm you details

    will have a look if I have any phones kicking around tonight...

    ps. is it work related? what you do?

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    No its just to text someone lol wink wink im on virgin but she is on o2
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