Anyone got any experiences of an auction site called Swoopo?

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Found 12th Sep 2008
Just came across this and it seems to be too good to be true prices etc,anyone got any info etc on this company,as I could'nt find a feedback section etc.
Link in 2nd post.


Is this one of those sites where you buy Bidding tokens, then use the tokens on an auction, and pay after it has finished?
I always thought that was a crazy idea, seeing as the company, or an associate could easily outbid you, meaning you waste money on bidding tokens

[url][/url] is alot better you have more chance on there my dad got a mac air book for £33.

Budson does look good, but I'm too wary off these Auction sites these days.

yeah i know what you mean can cost you alot of money if you are not careful placeing bids my dad was very lucky it was the first time he used the site and he won but then again i was on yesterday and spent £33 got 3o bids out of that and had 7 unique numbers but wasnt the lowest unique number so lost out its all a guessing game.


waste of time.

pick a product and watch the bids - see how the timer restarts when bids are placed - in theory the product may never sell.

you cannot even outbid at the last sec9ond - when you bid, it ups the clock by 10-15 seconds, so you have to rely on nobody else bidding so that you can win


I’ve used Swoopo in the past but there are so many using it now it is SO hard to win, bidding against people from other countries as well. I found another one that is launching soon called Doobids. I’d be surprised if anyone knows about it because I have not seen them advertising anywhere yet. They are getting around Facebook as a fan page but they seem a bit different from the others though because they have put extra features on it making the whole process of bidding slightly more transparent, doesn’t look as much like a scam! Theres a security certificate as well which is really important for secure transactions. UK company registered and VAT registered. Might be worth a punt for those that care.
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