Anyone got any good advice for CV writing?

Well my time at uni has come to an end and now i just have to wait until June 18th to find out what grade i got! But in the eman time im going to start applying for summer jobs at least so my CV needs re-writing.

Anyone got any recommendations?

One problem i have is that my last job (summer 2007) was at choices and they have gone under so have no chance of getting a reference from them! Prior to that i hadnt worked in a year so thats out of the question i think, will it be weird applying for a grad job with zero working references?


By the looks of it you've been busy on HUKD so erm...Put a Mod as a referee and say you are a voluntary hot uk dealer!

I guess you already have a reference from your uni?

Don't worry too much about not having a work reference, employers won't expect it from a new graduate, try to get one from one of your lecturers and perhaps an old school teacher. Start off with Education and qualifications, include any options you took at uni and until you get your results, it's OK to say what you're predicted to get. Then list any work experience, paid or otherwise, then any other skill you may have - computing, leadership, communication, team working etc. with a couple of sentences explanation for each. Lay it out clearly and aim for it to be one side of A4. Good luck

I've got some advice

Keep it to one side of A4

The art of a cv is to keep it 'punchy' , give snippits of info to make the perspective employer want to find out more about you (thus get you to come in for interview to find out)

Don't be 'clever' in your cv

Don't use colours or fancy fonts

Include choices in your cv, no its not unusual to have Grads with no work experience ( they might even want to get you to come in to find out how you managed to survive (are you very good at controlling your Budget??)

Do not put referees/references on your cv, if you get an interview you will no doubt have to fill in a company application form.

Finally if you are relpying to an advert in a paper read the advert very carefully if it asks for a handwritten covering letter make sure it is handwritten (even if your handwriting does look like a drunken two legged spider has fallen into an inkwell and crawlled across a piece of paper (like mine - i once wrote my wife a love letter and she had to take it to the chemist to find out what it said)), I have thrown hundreds of applications straight in the shedder because they failed to read the advert carefully.

If you need any more advice please feel free to pm me

I could write a book on it (and many people do)


Photo or no photo?

Should only need a photo if applying for acting or modelling!
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