Anyone got any good drinking games?

Found 5th Apr 2009
Having a bit of a get together tomorrow so what to do a few drinking games. I think tht most people will have them big 2 liter bottle of Strongbow which will be drunk outside. Anyone got any good games to play which doesnt require anything else apart from the drink, ther will be a small group of us. One of the games whcih we will peobley play will be barcode


Iron Man - Duck tape a 2 litre bottle of strongbow to each hand...first 1 to drink it all wins.

I have never - Each go around and say "I have never blah blah blah and whoever has done that - driks

Numbers game...get in a circle and start counting to 21 clockwise-each person says one any time someone can say two numbers (7...8) and this reverses direction(ie anticlockwise) the person who gets to 21 can change a number to any can change the number 7 to "dog", or even change it to "8"...
so the sequence would be 123456(DOG)8910etc...keep doing this until all the numbers are changed...
if a person makes a mistake-they drink.
if a person hesitates-they drink.
if someone helps someone else out-both drink.

this is my favourite game...once played it for 5 hours...changed all the numbers,but got of luck!

Fizz Buzz

Fuzzy Duck

Goblet of Truth

Dirty Donkey

Cookie Jar

Name Game



Fizz BuzzFuzzy DuckGoblet of TruthDirty DonkeyCookie JarName Game

Fuzzy Duck +1 :thumbsup:


Fuzzy Duck +1 :thumbsup:

does he? :thumbsup:


does he? :thumbsup:

Yes he does! Ican't remember how to play fizz buzz now!

Ring of Fire.

Remember to drink responsibly.

Have a look at [url][/url] loads of ideas there. Time to stock up on the alka seltzer!

On The Bus!!


Fizz BuzzFuzzy DuckGoblet of TruthDirty DonkeyCookie JarName Game

fuzzy duck + like a million

Original Poster

wow, thanks guys il try them all tonigh

i have added rep for ya

Roxanne drinking game - play the sting song, every time he says roxanne take a drink

Gordon Ramsey drinking game - take a drink everytime he swears
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