Anyone got any good ways of stopping gallstone pain?!

Found 18th Dec 2010
Had gallstone pain come out of no where, been in agony for 4 hours and it's getting worse! Been sick (niiiice), drank loads of water, taken ibuprofen and paracetamol... even took an hour long round trip to Asda to try get Solpadeine but it's pharmacy only! AHHH! Boyfriend is going to get some from the 24 hour boots but he's not home until 8!
Anyone suffer from this and have any tried and tested ways of making it a bit better?
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Call the ooh Dr's service, of it is gallstones you may need to go to hospital.

Call the ooh Dr's service, of it is gallstones you may need to go to … Call the ooh Dr's service, of it is gallstones you may need to go to hospital.

I'm normally ok, it's very rarely this bad and if it is, Solpadeine helps, but alas... no Solpadeine!
you should not normally be sick ,it could be that the duct is blocked by a stone you should seek medical attention a.s.a.p. or call the nhs line for advice
Hope you get some soon! X.
i feel for you, i suffered with gallstones after i had my daughter, the pain was horrible, the first time i had it i thought i was having a heart attack as i didnt know what it was. i had it a few times before they told me what it was, one night i had it for hours and i ended up at A&E but he sent me away with some irritable bowl tablets for some reason, then i went to my doctor who sent me for an ultrasound which confirmed it was gallstones and within 2 month i had my gallbladder out. which was the scariest day of my life lol id never had an operation before or been put to sleep, so i was a nervous wreck the morning of my operation, i was crying and nearly walked out as i was so worried i wouldnt wake back up, but im so glad i was brave and had it done.
I heard some years ago that parking up in a RangeRover on the A1 helped, but as far as the other part of the "cure" is concernrd, Im not sure if anything was proven.
Seriously, nothng other than prescription medication will work properly, so go and seek a Doctor while you can.
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Yeah not sure you should be vomiting with gall stones, get yourself checked out. Are you down to have your gall bladder removed? Was the best thing for me, no more of that hideous pain xx
I was sick when I had gallstones, but it turned out I had a stone stuck in my pancreas! And was very poorly! If it gets worse or u go jaundice I'd go to the hospital! Have u ever been told the Rosemary Connelly hip and thuggt diet was created to help Rosemary herself deal with gallstones? The nurse at the hospital told me and when u stuck to the diet I didn't have any attacks!!
are you jaundiced as the common hepatic duct can become blocked by a lil stone if you are they may recommend a procedure called ERCP ( ENDOSCOPIC RETROGRADE CHOLIANGIOPANCREATOGRAPHY) i have carried out lots and quite succesful, if i were you stay away from fries and dairy foods at the mo as that can antagonise the gall bladder, if it is so bad and meds are not helping the pain recede i would suggest a visit to your local a and e , do you have a high temp and rigors or so

You are going to die.

Call a doctor to save yourself.
Thanks for all the replies (especially you VB1)! It's definitely gallstones, I've had an ultrasound, but I normally control it by eating good foods - but I only had a stiry fry with chicken, noodles, asparagus, sugar snap peas, baby sweetcorn and normal sweetcorn last night and it came from nowhere! It went at about 4am though... so all is good :-D
I was in agony and my doctor diagnosed irritable bowel - turned out I had pancreatitis caused by biliary sludge (like very very tiny stones). If your pain came out of nowhere (you hadn't eaten something you know might bring it on) then you should probably see a doctor.
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