Anyone Got Any Ideas For a Christening Gift For My Godaughter?

    I'm finding it hard to think of ideas, I woul like something special and maybe personalised or saying that its from her Godmother. Any ideas would be really helpful.


    A small bracelet one that can be expanded

    i still have the one i got when i was christened and get it engraved


    have you seen the silver sweet trinket box, they are sweet, they look just like a wrapped sweet but in silver, and twist each end like you do to unwrap a sweetie to open, could then get engraved

    Maybe a locket and get it engraved with date of her christening, something she can wear when shes a little older

    I got mine a charm bracelet and add a charm each birthday, Christmas etc.

    I bought a sovereign for my god daughter, with the plan to buy a gold chain for her to wear it when she is 18.... Although that may now be seen as 'chavvy'????

    Anyway she can always sell it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On my daughter's christening she recieved a bible from her godmum which was in a lovely white and silver sleeve. I thought this was the best present she recieved because it was something to keep and signified the day. My friend wrote a little message in the front for Phoebe and also gave her a little guardian angel wind chime which 9 years one still hangs in her bedroom!

    My boys were bought a little tooth fairy box for their christening and each have their first tooth that fell out in them My eldest is now 19 and its hard to believe his teeth were so small!
    similar to this…03/

    my daughters got wooden stools with their names on the top and date of the christening underneath really nice something for them to keep forever

    My little girl got a lovely Bible-like the previous poster memtioned-with a personal message written inside-and a small ornament from a collection that can be added to-everytime its been Christmas or her birthday, or a special occasion her God-mum has bought her anothe rone to add to it. they are lovely

    Vouchers for family portraits, always invaluable

    Tree / bush for garden. My son got one for his 2nd birthday, grew with him and we uprooted it when we moved. Off the wall maybe but last forever

    How about a star?

    depends on what you want to spend but my sons best christening present - it made us all cry was a star named after him from his god parents

    [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]i got my god-daughter a bank account
    on birthdays n christmas i put some money in
    and just buy a little present..[/COLOR]

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    Some really good ideas here, thanks guys.
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