Anyone got any lapland advice?

    Hi peeps,

    Im after a little advice regards Lapland, were due to go out in a few short weeks, and have no idea what to expect. Now I know its gonna be COOOOOLD!!! but what else? What is best clothing to buy? Do we need coats or will snowsuits work fine for that?
    Yada yada yada, hey if youve been any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Many thanks


    No idea,just wanted to say i'm so jealous,bet you have a fab time!

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    cheers, were really looking forward to it, one thing ive done in preparation is to get loads of those little hotties handwarmers!!! just hope customs dont tug me thinking they are sachets of alternate source hahaha

    Ive never been but Im going to go out on a limb and say yes, you will need coats.

    When we went 2 years ago they gave you snowsuits when you got there. TBH it wasnt majorly cold and the suits were a little too hot... but that might de different depending on current climate.

    Get prepared for lots of tours to the 'money making' markets and Santa villages. We went for 3 days and that was enough. But it was very commercialized now, not how it was going back 10-15 years ago, and they seemed to always take you on coach tours to the places that wanted your money... which is hard when youve got 2 kids wanting everything they see !

    Saying that it was a very nice place to go, expensive, but nice. Wierd with the hours of daylight and adjusting to it.... the food is a little different... didnt go much on the reindeer bolognaise LOL ;-) Oh and the drivers are mental.. thick snow and ice covering the roads and the coach drivers are doing 50 into oncoming traffic ! Hang on !

    Anyway have a great time and hope the kids enjoy. Just hang on to your wallet in some place coz most markets sell the same stuff... but they take you to the most expensive ones first so you can generally pick up better bargains (if there is such a thing out there) towards the end of the tours.

    Oh and in terms of clothing.. usual hats gloves scarfs and thick coats... we didnt really wear the given snowsuits and tended to go out in our own clothing... and a lot of the time is spent on the coaches anyway.

    Good, warm shoes, two layers of socks and a warm hat and scarf I would say is the most important. have fun! :stocking:

    PS... we got a lot of cheap snow stuff from T K Max if you have one near to you.

    Good range of kids stuff ;-)

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    PS... we got a lot of cheap snow stuff from T K Max if you have one near … PS... we got a lot of cheap snow stuff from T K Max if you have one near to you.Good range of kids stuff ;-)

    hey good call the tk max thing, ill take a peek there!!!

    thankfully we've got the excursions pre paid, but have heard its open wallet surgery when you get there though, were off for 4 nights and cant wait, thankfully the little man is 6 or will be and he is more into playing in the snow rather than shopping yet, phew!!!

    Lapland, is that Peter Stringfellows place?

    As above, you can rent thermal suits when you get there, temperature varies during winter, I've known it to be anything upto -40 though, which is bitterly cold... As long as you keep moving (which is difficult for kids if you're dog sledding or raindeer safari-ing) you'll be okay.

    You can't put a price on a good pair of gloves and a warm hat though... I couldnl't feel my fingertips on my left hand for a month after I came back.

    Alchohol is typically expensive in scandanvian countries, though I heartily recommend the Gin Lonkero and Arctic Cloudberry Koppaberg! I try not to visit the same place twice but I'd kill to go back to Lapland, I ached from laughing for days afterwards...

    We went for the day a few years ago. Everything we needed was supplied, suits gloves boots etc.
    I did take gel pads which when activated warmed up (sorry can't remember what they're called) and used then inside gloves, also inside my bag where my camera was.
    Have a fab time,its a great place for children and adults.:santa:

    Talking of booze, dont forget to try Salmiakki Koskenkorva, lovely and warming after a day in the snow and ice.

    every time i flick through all the posts why do i keep thinking this threads title is lapdance advice - my brain must be concentrated with filth lol
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