Anyone got any links for good indian recipes please?

Found 3rd Jan 2009
I'm cooking a ruby tonight for the missus & a couple of friends & need some inspiration, help pleeeeease!


look at Madda Jaffey (sp) -- nice ones there, or failing that, Saturday Kitchen and search for past receipes

Used to be the site to go to, have a good evening

go to youtube and search for vah re vah or manjulas kitchen for 100% authentic recipes

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Cheers guys, went for the jar of Pataks option after all.

Oh please dont go for the Jar stuff it's horrible.... trust me I'm Indian! :thumbsup: Your far better off making a simple dish from fresh ingredients. Have you seen any of Indian Food Made Easy series? If not, hop onto BBC IPlayer for some great easy recipie ideas. Good luck

Show Me The Curry is also good on youtube.

i usually dont like jars, but i do like pataks or a tin of Veraswammy madras sauce.
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