Anyone got any nintendo/wii VIP codes for free?

    anyone got any vip codes for the wii that they are not using?? please pm me the code if you do!!!

    got one from 'ewokmic' which was much appreciated!!!



    whats a wii vip code??

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    whenever you buy a nintendo game, they provide codes on a piece of card in the box and then you enter that code at ([url][/url]) and get stars.with those stars, you can buy nintendo souvenirs or you can trade them for wii points.

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    I just bought a DS lite and 4 games on Tuesday and none of them have the codes in them. I called the shop where I bought it and they told me the games that are made by Nintendo have them in it.

    THey told me that not all DS has the codes in them, it depends on they run that nintendo do.

    I think he was just waffling as I bought a DS, 2 weeks ago in the same colour and it had it but i have redeemed that one.


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    no problems.

    anyone else?!?
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