Anyone got any tickets for Santa at Harrods

    Hi, Anyone got a set of 2 tickets for Santa at Harrods, prefer a weekend. Was away out of the country and now the tickets have all gone. If anyone has some would make my 2 girls very happy.


    Haven't got weekend ones but have 10 weekday for 17th Dec @ 4:30pm. Can't go now. (GONE NOW)

    Think you only need tickets for the kids

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    Think you only need tickets for the kids

    thanks will edit

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    thank you, will try and see if i can get a weekend one.


    I wouldn't bother, its not the best experience I have ever had with the kids. Just take em to the local mall and see the santa there for a fiver :thumbsup:

    i have some for the 5th of november 6 to be precise

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    Thanks to everyone for the offers,

    You do need tickets for the kids and the adults, have just phoned to check

    Just realised that missed booking period also.
    I would be grateful if anyone has spare tickets for 2 kids and 1 or 2 adults? :santa:

    Thank you!
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