Anyone got experience of amazon accepting returns?

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Found 15th Aug 2010
I have just sent an email to amazon as my sons bike, which was bought for a christmas present last year, is falling to bits.

The way I am looking at it is that as it is under a year old, it should be under standard manufacurer warrenty. If I had bought it from a shop I would put it in the car and take it back.

What I'm wondering is, will amazon accept it back? Does anyone have any experience with anything similar?


They're usually quite good with returns, don't know about bikes though - they may argue he destroyed it

who says it has a 1 year warranty?

not everything has 1 year warranty

bikes are a tricky one-I assume it came flat packed and you assembled it? difficult to prove you did this properly,some bikes are a NIGHTMARE to assemble. So when you say "falling to bits"-the screws? fixings? or the actual frame? if its screws/pedals coming loose or similar,tbh I dont think you have a chance.

amazon are very good with returns but you may be on a loser with this one after 8/9 months tbh.

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The bits that are wrong are:
The chain gaurd has broken off (possibly due to a little help!)
The seat will not tighten, so therefore moves as he rides the bike (I don't think this is anything we've done)
Both of the brakes are broken, but in different ways. The brake handle which attaches to the handle bars are plastic. 1 has split and broken, the other has come apart at the point where the cable attaches.
I agree that some of this could be deemed to be from not taking care, but the others are definitely from faulty parts.

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Just had an email from amazon they are sending a replacement by first class!

I was just reading and was going to say if you call/email they have always been good in my experience. Congrats on the email

Just sounds like a cheap bike tbh.

I remember getting a bike for my Birthday from Argos, cost about £120 10 years ago, within 10 minutes of riding it the back end snapped off when changing gear lol.


Wow!Just had an email from amazon they are sending a replacement by first … Wow!Just had an email from amazon they are sending a replacement by first class!

This is why I'm a return customer over and over again, even sometimes paying a little over the odds for stuff when found cheaper on other sites. Their customer service is just so good.

i have had a canon camera for about 19months and twice the zoom feature has jammed up... a few weeks ago i noticed the dial getting a bit 'stiff' again (this is always how the problem starts) and called amazon a few days go, and to my amazement, they said they would accept it as a returned item. thats great service- but- not offering me a replacement (which is what i want) only refund i got it at a bargain price and will be hard pushed to find one again..

Just to re-iterate the sentiment here;

Amazon were fantastic in the experience i've had with faulty goods.
Sent a courier out to me to pick it up (bike trailer) and issued a refund within days.

Other companies would do well to take a leaf out of their book.
I will ALWAYS go Amazon now if there's a choice.

Same as above...My printer went faulty within a year so they took it back and refunded it. Very impressed with them.

im thinking of buying a laptop, amazon may be the way to go


im thinking of buying a laptop, amazon may be the way to go

I've had a broken laptop too from amazon - over a year old - they refunded me as they didnt have any instock ( I was selling it when it broke for half what i paid, so i was chuffed to bits)
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