Anyone got or had TMJ?

    Had it for a few months now! And it has just recently started to really hurt when i chew! argh. Can't be doing with this for the rest of me life.


    NO. It sounds horrible. What is it?

    I assume you have seen and had advice from your dentist?

    Maybe this will help a little:…asp

    TMJ, doesnt that increase your bullet penetration?

    ...must stop playing COD..


    TMJ, doesnt that increase your bullet penetration?...must stop playing … TMJ, doesnt that increase your bullet penetration?...must stop playing COD..

    Awesome...! this made me laught and wish I was playing now. (+REP)

    to be honest thats the first thing tht came to my mind! (COD) lol but i beleive its FMJ which stands for Full Metal Jacket! :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Yeah went to the dentist, and she said that give it another 3 months to wait for another check up.. so will have atleast that to wait.


    yeah ive got it and with a constant high pitch ringing in my left ear......been waiting to see a consultant since last march!!! had 2 appointments both in the wrong departments who didnt have a clue.....1 saying im imagining it!!

    stems from a broken jaw about 10 years ago........and its constant aggravation:(
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