anyone got problems connecting to xbox live tonight?

having no joy at all connecting to xbox live for some reason, is it just me?

was on it last 4/5 days at least once a day and today it keeps failing to get an IP address? is this normal?


not normal seems like your xbox is going to die, i hope you got the warrenty.

(on a serious note, try turning of the router then put it back on, it happens to my xbox sometimes, if its the IP add thats failed, its your internet connection/router, not XBOX LIVE)

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tried turning it off and on but no luck, can't even pick up pc for streaming video

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even tried ethernet directly to pc as I used to do it and not even getting IP conflict message

have you changed anything about your router?

do you know how to give Static ip addreses? might be a good to fix it.

Sometimes my internet goes offf randomly, and my IP address fails for like 30-40mins. Then it comes back on, werid, might of happend to you just know bra.


same here it just would not sign in

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right, can get it working through PC now but when go back to powerline adapters doesn't want to know
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