Anyone got The Beer Machine?

Found 6th May 2008
I have ordered one and hopefully the beer will taste nice

Wondered if you have any tips, etc, Let us know!

Cheers (Hic!)
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youve had enough beer in your life!
huh beer machine?
black gerbil1;2046080

huh beer machine?

yeah a machine that makes beer
BRB playing GTA
Anyone got the Carlsberg Draughtmaster ?
black gerbil1;2046080

huh beer machine?

I want one
Brilllian machine tescos and sainsburys both stock the kegs £14 carlsberg export sometimes £10.50.
normal carslberg £10.50 beer taste just like a pub bit expensive but well worth it get around 9-10 perfect pints make sure you chill the keg well before use this way no froth about 24 hrs in a fridge is ideal you wont be disapointed, anyone says different is either not using it properly, too tight to buy the beer or have not got one but want one. Cheers!!!
yeah i bought my dad one, he said it was awful... but he just didnt do it properly
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