anyone got their order received no problem from Jd sport?

Posted 15th Dec 2016
Has anyone received things from this company?I have placed an order many days ago and nothing come through then i check their reputation online i was shocked!most ppl wont receive the things but the money is gone
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I ordered Thursday, received item today. Never had a problem with them.
Good luck. Nightmare company, ordered 5 pairs of trainers in the summer (kids) and clothes for holiday, money went, got acceptance email then when I got to store got told only 1 pair of trainers were in stock and a mini football.
Yes that's sister has ordered from JD and waited 2 weeks and still there was no she went to the store to check and waited around 20-30 mins to check what has happened to the order. Shocking part is that they have cancelled the order as there is no stock, and haven't inform my sister untill she walks in and find out. So keep your receipt safe.
Oh bum. I ordered Saturday, order accepted, money gone but no despatch email and no items.
Never had an issue with JD. Christmas rush maybe?
yep. done 2 orders one on the 1st one on the 2nd.

Received the 2nd one on time.

Had to ask for a refund this weekend 4 times for the one on the 1st.

After the 3rd time of requesting a refund they sent me it but didnt refund the postage.

It didnt even get out of their warehouse but cancelling after 10 days was a nightmare.

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I hope my pants order comes through OK. Had a confirmation order email, but not a despatch one yet.
delivered by yodal well if your lucky!!
never had any issues with in store collection
I ordered recently and managed to collect in-store with no issue
Guess like most companies some will encounter issues sadly
There recent issues in the media probably haven't helped their image but I've had no issues at all mate.
Never had an issue but always do click and collect to avoid delivery charge

I hope my pants order comes through OK. Had a confirmation order email, … I hope my pants order comes through OK. Had a confirmation order email, but not a despatch one yet.

Snap no pants yet.
I have never had a problem receiving parcels they just hate to take stuff back
After seeing that report about them last night,could be worse,you could work for them oO
two delivery's and one click and collect in the past two weeks and went sweet as a nut
Dreadful service, avoid. Something is only a bargain if you actually receive it!!! AVOID

Snap no pants yet.

Same issue with me..... guess I'm not alone
They are useless, never tends to update orders, and usually I have had them delivered before I get an email, best to use click and collect to a local store as it's free even if using millets, blacks, size?, drome, Scotts and what other companies they own
I had a refund for the pants today :(they never sent no email to say was out of stock I just had a notification of PayPal
Saying refunded I don't know about my second order will have to wait and see
Where can get the order number
I bought shoes and next day delivery and still haven’t received it 2 days later. I have not even got any email to tell me what’s happene
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