Anyone had a call from the Financial Ombudsman??

The missus got a call from someone claiming to be from the Financial Ombudsman.

Can't tell what the number was, as this was withheld.

He asked what bank we used and if we were happy with them.

Seeing this was a cold call and we couldn't be sure the guy was who he said he was, the missus told him she wouldn't give out information like that, at which the bloke got quite short with her.

The thing is; I'm having talks with the Ombudsman at the moment, so I called them and was told they don't do calls like that and, if they did call, they don't withhold the number.

Seems like it was either

a) A scam,
b) A pretty misguided cold sales call
c) Some cretin at the receiving end of my complaints trying to do damage limitation

If anyone else has has a call like that it would be interesting to know.


It sounds like a scam

We had call like that it turned out to be someone wanting to help us claim unfair bank charges back ,we havn't even got any and he didn't get any info off me

Advice for ANYONE receiving a call where they want YOU to verify YOUR details: Tell them no and advise them to write to you on company headed paper with a number to call them back on. In this day and age, it's simply not worth the risk as you only need a few pieces of information to commit identity fraud.

Data Protection Act etc.
Sounds extremely dodgy (and rather lazy given that the guy got short with your wife)


well done to your wife for not telling him anything.

I've had calls claiming to be from Sky and BT asking me for personal details in the last few weeks. There's a lot of scams out there.

The ombudsman one was posted round the office of all the big ban ks today as a scam ....if customres call and have given details close their accounts as fraud.
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