Anyone had a Christmas Tree from Lidl?

Posted 2nd Dec
If so do you have a picture and thoughts on what they’re like?
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Mrs always wants a real tree. So, 3 year ago I started buying trees with roots, the ones in asda.
2 year ago I planted it outside when Xmas was over, next year on I did same. I have dug out the one which has been outside 2 yr and potted it inside. Hopefully it has enough root and strength to last another year 2yr outside until it gets dug out again.
Next year I will dig up last year's Xmas tree, etc. Or buy replacement for old tree. They are about £12.50.
I'd never go back to cut trees, always rooted now.

I have also been known to stick a conifer tree top in the house over Xmas, which are surprisingly effective and smell lovely.
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