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Found 3rd Nov 2008
ive been with virgin for years and every couple of days my laptop loosing connection to net and i have to turn modem and router off then back on again to get it working.

was gone ring virgin about this but thought id check to see if anyone has had a free router send out


i got one free with broadband when it was fitted

I have a Linksys 54GL (The Linux version) running dd-wrt, overclocked, running at 251mW and rock solid for nearly 100 days...


Virgin Media didn't give me one - just a modem so I'm secretly (openly) bitter.

thats funny i got that same problem it started yesterday

Phone them up and tell them you got a wireless card or laptop or make up any simple reason and ask them for one. If you've been with them for years they will give you one for free. They may ask you to commit to another 12 month broadband tho but if you've always been with them then it wont be any hassle and you'll get a free wireless router out of it!

Bought my house on the 3rd December 2007 - reckon they'll do it yet?

my friend hada new one last week because his was broken - apparently they have to give new ones as we are only 'renting' them

I got one last week after switching to Virgin.
I had to disable the virgin wireless monitor and use normal connecting via windows ... ok so far but lost connection every 2 seconds b4.

We phoned up and argued with them, eventually they gave us one, its worth a go.

I've had the same problem for a few wees now, it's driving me mental. Not to mention the connection dropping off every 5 minutes!. I know a couple of other people who also have Virgin and they are having the same problem. I suspect that it's more to do with Virgin than our routers.

You could try turning off the QoS (Quality of Service) feature in Windows. Its under the network settings. This helped with a similar issue for a couple of people. Its easy enough to change it back if it doesn't work for you.

If you are on their L or XL package then you can get either a free router or up to £40 refunded to your account when you email them a copy of the receipt. All you need to do is call and ask.
Around 14 months ago I took the £40 refund and I've just renewed my package and asked for a new router - no problems - ordered for me there and then.

Hope this helps....I'm new!

not sure about the router but got free internet from them since 2000:whistling:


I had a similar problems for years and NTL swore that it was a PC problem. I eventually got a new black VM modem to replace the NTL home 100 and has worked fine ever since.…765

look here?? i got a lot of rep from people who did get them!
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