Anyone had a harmon Kardon Idrive in their car? FM modulator advice wanted

Found 3rd Jan 2009
Im after some info as to how good the fm modulator thing is on these ipod controllers, i bought a new car and typical of flash bloody motors it has no extra toys on it so doesnt have a aux in!!!

I cant link it straight into the stereo and have had a itrip before but found it quite pants and wondered if these were any better

thanks for your help guys
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FM modulators are always going to be a 'bit' pants since they're limited to a certain power (ie transmission distance) so the signals they produce have to be fairly weak. I've had a couple, an iTrip and a cheapo one which plugged in to the cigarette lighter, both suffered from a little hiss and crackle which was ok until you were listening to a quiet track. In the end I ditched both an bought a sony headunit off ebay 2nd hand which had an ipod link kit included which fools the headunit in to thinking the ipod is a CD changer. It works like a charm, the ipod is well out of sight and the audio is chrystal clear, I can even control the ipod via the headunit.

For my money, and I know they're cheap now, I'd skip trying another FM modulator and put the money towards a headunit with either AUX in or kits like the one I have - FWIW, the one I have cost me £40 (headunit AND 'connects2' adaptor thing) 2nd hand and is flawless, took half an hour to install myself and perhaps a further half hours tinkering to get the cables routed neatly through to the glovebox where the ipod lives.
i cant do that its all integrated and runs the sat nav and loads of other stuff, its a jag and wont look too chipper with an aftermarket head unit slung in it.

i was wondering if the harmon kardon ones were better, i used to have an aux in and it was perfect but this doesnt have one and a genuine one is 300 notes plus fiting!!! ouch!!!
connects2 do adaptors for original headunits too, if your jag is an s-type, you're sorted! If not it might be worth giving them a ring and ask if they've anything that'd work.…536
I have a Harmon Kardon idrive fitted into my X Type Jag. I got the original i drive for a bargin £50, just as the new one was coming out. With regards to the FM transmitter, it's excellent, it actually attaches to the aerial socket on the back of the stereo so there is no interferrance. I have a monster (make) FM transmitter for my ipod in my Land Rover and that does get quite a bit of interferrance and you have to change channel when you go to different parts of the country, but the direct connection doesn't have that problem. I did have to get an aerial adapter for it though to make it fit, but I got this in Halfords for about £10 - £15 I guess you could find the same thing on ebay or RS or CPC, Maplin etc.

I have my screen where the ashtray was so that the cover still works and hides it, I have the control on the steering column and I have my ipod in a small cubby hole on the right of the steering wheel below the light switch. It all works brilliantly. I have all my music, but the car has no wires, no hiss and evertything is controlled without me having to take my hands off of the steering wheel.

Let me know if you need any more info, or if you want any pics.
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