Anyone had a new knee?

    Had a painful knee for several months now and seeing specialist next week. Just wondered, in case it is necessary, has anyone had a new knee and was it a great success or what? Percentage of how much better it is would be interesting. Would appreciate any views on your experience - TIA.


    My OH's step dad had both knees done within 4 months, very painful for a few weeks after(obviously), now he is like a new man, regularly plays golf without any problems at all-I know he would recommend it

    My Aunt had problems with her knees for years but the surgeons refused to replace them as she was too young. The reason being the replacement knee lasts on average for about 10 -15 years and you can can only have it replaced twice. So between 20 and 30 years (2 x10 and 2 x 15 years) there is a possibilty that you won't have fully functioning knees but hopefully in that time scale a new alternative will be available. In the end she went private and became fully mobile again. Good luck I hope that you don't need them replaced.

    a friend just had a bit cut away via key hole he was on the mend quite quickly, good luck

    God my heart goes out to you. I dislocated my knee a few years ago and feck it was horrible, was one of the worst things I've ever experienced. Knee braces then the physio etc worst thing was not being able to bend your leg, everything was so damn hard, awkward and painful. Going to the toilet was an event. lol

    But alls well now and although by the sounds of it mine wasn't nearly as bad as your knee trouble you'll be up and about in no time as the docs,physios specialists etc really are excellent. Good luck.

    I had an extremely painful knee a couple of years ago - Specialist said that I had broken a piece of bone off my kneecap. I was told that I needed an operation but it got better on its own and now doesn't hurt at all.
    Suppose the answer to your question depends on what is wrong and which op you're having.

    My next door neighbour had bothe his knees done with great success.

    My dad had one of his knees done last year and has just asked to get the other one done, from what i can tell its a painfull procedure but recovery is fairly quick with good results. (but i don't think your able to kneel down after you have had replacement knees without being in some discomfort)

    i had a torn meniscus (knee cartilage) which i ended up getting trimmed via keyhole surgery.

    my consultant expects that this may lead to me needing a knee replacement within 10-20 years because the trimmed cartilage is never as good as a whole, intact one for cushioning impact.

    i'm much better now but it always feels that little bit fragile.

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    Thanks to all - very encouraging - rep left for everyone.

    Hope all goes well ...

    my mum had both hers done,they are much better she had to shuffle down stairs on bum before op.good luck
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