Anyone had a Qashqai?

I'm tempted to change my car (Focus C-Max) for a Qashqai, but I don't know anyone with a Nissan, never mind a Qashqai. Reviews online are mixed, so I was windering if anyone has had one/driven one, and what you think of them? I wish I'd asked around more before getting the C-Max, it's a godawful machine to drive.


I looked at those but went for a Ford Kuga in the end and have been very happy with it. The Kuga's have very good reviews, have a test drive.

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The C-Max has put me off Fords now, I really don't think I'd ever have a Ford again!

I have a C-Max and find it alright lol

My sis in law has a Zafira and is really easy to drive and a seven seater

Nissans are very reliable but have a poor brand reputation for some reason . . . . What about a Honda CRV/HRV?


The C-Max has put me off Fords now, I really don't think I'd ever have a … The C-Max has put me off Fords now, I really don't think I'd ever have a Ford again!

Oh dear, that doesn't sound good.

Good luck with your car hunt, there are quite a few smallish utility vehicles about now including renault do one which looked quite nice.


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I've had a few test drives but found the Qashqai lovely to drive, and easy to get into and out of (I have some mobility issues). I narrowed it down to a Qashqai or a Suzuki SX4 but think the SX4 may be too small for my hubby and kids, not that we're often all in the car together, but it does happen occasionally.

We changed from a Ford Focus to a Galaxy - and regretted it!

Then we researched cars, and went for a Renault Grand Scenic - and WOW - love it. Maybe it's worth checking it out? (or the smaller Renault Megane).

I only mention this because we also went on from a Focus! I have no idea about the Qashqai!

Don't get the Megane......that was my previous car and it fell to pieces

i have a note-fantastic car-would recommend highly!not sure abbout the qashqai though

nissan note btw!

Umm Range Rover Vogue ftw lol.

Umm regarding the nissan i havent seen many of them around.

My Dad has a motorbility Megane at the mo and he had nothing but trouble with it, everything apart from the shell literally has been replaced in 3yrs!

He has now gone for a Qashqai for his new car, he has done a lot of looking into it and found it the best for him at the moment, he has had a ford focus and hated it, he looked at a honda but they stopping making the one he wanted to get and replacing it, even though a fairly new model out.

Go for a test drive and see what you think.

No idea how a quahqai drives but a C4 Picasso is nice

Get a Qashqai +2

Basically a good car, but you dont get stung on extra's, most of them are standard

Go 4 it

Haven't really looked at the Qashqai but I have had a Nissan X trail for nearly three years and had absolutely no problem with it.
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