Posted 17th Aug 2008
I bought a ring from Goldsmiths last weekend but as it was in the sale, I had to have it sent away to be re-sized. Due to the ring being in the sale, I am being made to pay to have it re-sized which is about £45.

The ring was sent away on a "urgent" as I needed it back yesterday, they informed me this shouldn't be a problem. Surprise surprise, the ring didn't come in yesterday and they can't "chase it up" until tomorrow. The ring is a birthday present to me from my grandparents and my birthday is on Tuesday so it needs to be back with me by then.

What I am wondering is, why are they charging me £44 because they are re-sizing the ring to make it smaller, so therefore cutting a bit of out the ring. The ring is platinum and going down five sizes (so I am also a bit worried about how the join will look and if the stone settings will be affected) so that is a fair chunk of platinum that they are going to get to keep and most likely, melt down and use to make another ring.

Do you know if I am within my rights to ask for this bit of platinum back?

Also, has anyone had any problems with ring re-sizing, I think I am just a bit worried as going down five sizes is quite a lot and I am worried about the join and how safe the stones will be. I took it back to Goldsmiths as that is where I bought it so would you think if anything does go wrong that they will take responsibility for it?
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