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Anyone had a speeding letter from Met Police recently?

Posted 5th Mar 2012
Hi all.
Know I am probably going to get a load of sarky comments but just wondered if anyone would care to share their experience with speeding notices?

Just got a letter stating that OH's car was caught doing 59mph in a 50mph zone. The letter is just asking for the driver details at this point.

We have both been driving for 12 years and this is the first speeding ticket either of us have had. I have heard of these 'speed awareness' courses and was wondering how likely it is that OH would be offered one of these instead of having to take 3 points on his licence (am worried about insurance costs after getting 3 points).

I was hoping that others here who got similar letters from the (Met Police specifically) would mind sharing how much over the limit they were speeding and what choices were offered to them?

Thanks very much x
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