Anyone had any experience from online retailers for laminate flooring?

    I'm looking for some black gloss laminate flooring for the kitchen, i would have gone for tiles, but housing won't allow it, I have always purchased my laminate flooring from the likes of B&Q, and Wickes before but they don't sell such a style.
    The only retailers i can find that do sell this type is online only which i'm reluctant to do as unsure of the quality of fixing system and the planks themselves, but also in the past i have always purchased a couple of packs extra just in case i muck it up, and returned any packs to store afterwards... obviously this wouldn't be practical to do so from an online retailer due to courier costs.
    Has anyone had any positive experience from any online retailer for laminate flooring, or a suggestion as to where best get black gloss laminate flooring from?

    Oh i did note that SCS does a black gloss one, but at over £30sqm for only 7mm thick, is something i'm not going to get mugged off on.



    Is it black you want or just a dark colour ?…sqm

    Black gloss will scratch like crazy

    Like you i always purchase from the big sheds and overbuy so can take some back

    have a look at you local carpet shop they will do it and it is easily returned

    I would recommend if you order a few samples from online stores that way you know about the quality and the colour you're searching for..Also go for something which is about 8mm in thickness and compare prices and see if you buy in bulk, how much it will cost for your room

    No local carpet/flooring shops?! Mine has great range to choose from and so helpful and friendly. Just had my bathroom done this morning in dark grey tile effect laminate - looks so good! Hope you get sorted

    what about lino instead especially if it's not ur own property it will be cheaper option and easier to fit.

    i wouldn't recommend this for kitchen where the probability of water ingress is high. I would buy vinyl that has tiled pattern which is water resistant and easy to clean unlike laminate.
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