Anyone had any luck with

I pre-ordered Demon's Souls from this site for 31.99 on 01/06/2010.

As of now my order hasn't even been dispatched even though the game came out on the 25th. I've tried ringing their sales hotline but they're always "busy" and I haven't had a reply from my email I sent either.

I don't even think I can cancel my order unless I make a dispute with paypal.

Has anyone had any luck with this website? I really hope it's not a scam site.


Some mixed reviews here:….uk

Lots saying their delivery times and customer service are sucktacular

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Some mixed reviews here: … Some mixed reviews here: saying their delivery times and customer service are sucktacular

Christ if only I had known.

There's got to be something I can do about this? I'm getting no where with e-mails and phonecalls.

How well do paypal usually handle disputes like this?

My goods were delivered within 1 week. Sounds like their suppliers let them down. Should ask them for a refund via Paypal if it were me

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