Anyone had any problems with Fashion Republic?

Found 25th Oct 2008
Got a catalogue through the door early September and placed order for £20 item, they sent the wrong one which I returned within days, when I was arranging the return they didnt know if they had stock for replacement and asked me to check back once the item had arrived back with them. I chased them for replacement and was told they had none left so I would get a refund. Put it this way, nearly 2 months later I am still waiting for the refund. Have chased countless times to be told it is in process, with Finance people etc, chased this week and was told there was a problem with the refund system and I would receive a cheque refund within days. Still waiting.Does anyone have any advice on what to do if this cheque doesn't arrive? I have a horrible feeling it won't. Thanks!
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hi leopard spots did you get yr refund from Fashion Republic in the end?
ive been waiting three months for my refund on goods i returned to them and am still waiting!!::x
Your story sound similar to mine. I order a t-shirt in Nov 2009 but the telephone operator made a mistake and ordered 2 instead. I send the additional one back in Dec and have yet to receive a refund despite a letter and numerous phonecalls to their customer services. there's definitely something dodgy about it all. They were first called fashion Republic but then changed their name to Fashion Outlet although the address was the same. I called last week and asked for an e-mail address to post my complaint and was given a dud address ( I was also told my refund would be in my account the next working day. Needless to say it hasn't appeared. When I called today I couldn't get through and got the message that the phone line was not accpeting incoming calls - which sounds like somethings been disconnected. Having looked at Brandswear they seem very similar - same models in catalogue, similar brands for sale, similar address, similar e-mail ( plus their website is still under construction which had been the case with Fashion Republic. I would advise against anyone making an order with any of these companies given my experience. I actually asked the guy I spoke with last week whether the company was going through financial difficulties and if that was why I wasn't getting my refund and the first thing he said was that it was OK as I bought it on my credit card and would be covered (!) - seems a strange response if everything was OK.
AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!!!i worked for them for a year- the guy who runs both companies( ALSO BRANDSWEAR!) under fake names is a lying *******- never paid us on time and made us lie through our teeth!
i really feel for you i do-u are gonna have to keep threatening them!

I have experienced the same problem with this company, i returned the clotheing because they werent originals, they dont sell original desighner wear, it was soo obvious when i recieved the clothing. Now it has been three months and i have not recieved my money back, each time i call i am told it will be passed on but still no refund. I have pursued my money back by contactiing my bank and they arrange some sort oof temproray cash back but they can withdraw the money back from me if the company dont admit to it. I am in the process of contacting consumer direct , i believe they will raise the case to trading standards and will try and pursue this on youre behalf.
where are there offices am going round to front them as anyone a post code ?
the same thing happened to me sent a fake pair of jeans cost me £50 i sent them back which cost a further £5 and still not recieved money back!!!! every time i rang the same clueless girl answered and said finance dealing with it!! and id love to know where there based to go round and take my money out of there faces!!
I had a problem with a tshirt a year or so ago, must have made 20 phonecalls and finally got a cheque after about 8 months of trying. it cost me more than the £20 tshirt in phonecalls but was worth it. all excuses above, manager not in, with finance department, sent out and never arrived etc etc. keep trying!
Have been chasing 60 odd quid for near on 12 month, now number is dead. Anyone know how to contact them now.
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