Anyone had any probs with profile pic?

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Found 30th Apr 2008
Changed mine weeks ago but stays as the previous one...yet in control panel it shows as the new one?

Tried a few different versions of the pic but no look

anyone else had this?

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change avatar - not profile picture ...

Control Panel
Settings & Options
Edit Email & Password
Edit Profile
Edit Options
[COLOR="Red"]Edit Avatar[/COLOR]
Edit Profile Picture

does it execeed the 19kb or 80x80 size????

brb playing gta.

Make sure the photo is 80 by 80 pixels or less.


do you mean your avatar pic or your profile pic?

Yea profile pic is different to avatar.
The one you see in you profile is your profile pic.

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sorry meant avatar

thought it was 100x100......maybe thats the problem then...does it not give you warning if no?


your avvy needs to be 80 by 80, i think its says if its to big and reverts to one already in place

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well asked admin to sort it so hopefully they will

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