Anyone had anything delivered late from. Amazon prime now?

Posted 19th Mar 2016Available: National
Let me know if you had received an apology or. Anything..
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Complained on live chat and got £10 account credit, I have known people to get a extra month of prime added on too.
Not on prime but I got a delivery late and live chat gave me a £5 credit.
Be nice to them instead of raving about it but say how much you were waiting for the delivery etc..
ive had a few £5 credits added

ive also had about 5 things not turn up the next day as advertised
You can either ask for credit or an extra month prime membership
They don't have live chat anymore. I can't see that option
I had email twice different items "there has been a problem with your delivery........ your item will now arrive ( next day). amazon prime

They don't have live chat anymore. I can't see that option

They do, as I use it all the time
I always get items late and I'm on prime,I normally go though customer service and email,they always put a month on my prime account as a sorry.its been so bad I've had a year in total for 7 late deliveries
Mmmm noted. I have prime
I've had two late deliveries and both times when I've spoken to them they've extended my prime account by a month.
I've had a few deliveries arrive late but as im part of the 'pooled' prime (4ppl paying a share) they refused to extend my prime (on two occasions) and gave me £3 credit instead (much rather preferred prime extension) third time, they asked for details of the sole prime account holder and after giving them details, they still refused to extend..said the group had 'reached the limit of extensions...think our prime's been ongoing for a good coupla years, mind....oO
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