Anyone had cancellation email re - xbox live hmv thing yet?

    Ive been waiting for my * cancellation* email about the misprice thing on their website over the weekend.
    Ive not had it yet, though I am expecting one! LOL
    I couldnt find the origional deal, to see if anyone has reported receiving cancellation email yet.


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    how the hell did I miss this!??!!?!? I've been on here loads the last few days as well


    how the hell did I miss this!??!!?!? I've been on here loads the last few … how the hell did I miss this!??!!?!? I've been on here loads the last few days as well

    I wouldn't worry about it - no-one is going to get it. Tens of thousands of orders were placed, people on ebay were even "selling" the link where you could get 1 year of Live for £ they're not going to honour it. However when it was first posted the ebayers were spamming it like mad to stop others seeing the deal and others were spamming it in the hope that their orders would get fulfilled if lots of others didn't see it. Others were claiming you were going to be charged the full price (£40) when it was dispatched, others saying they had a cancellation email (usually new HDUK accounts). Quite funny really........

    Mind you if the organisation takes 2 days to correct a misprice, then maybe we shouldn't under-estimate their incompetence.
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    Just had email cancelling order:

    We are writing to you in relation to your order for the following item:

    Cat.No: 52M-00124
    Artist: XBOX 360 ACCESSORY

    We are very sorry, but it has come to our attention that this item recently appeared on our web site at the incorrect price of £2.99, instead of the more typical price of £35.16. We trust that you will therefore understand that we are not in a position to process your order at this incorrect price.

    We very much regret any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause. No doubt you will be wondering what your rights may be in this matter, but, as we trust our terms and conditions governing our online sales make clear, any contract with a customer placing an order is only entered into at the point when payment for the goods or services is actually received. As you may be aware, hmv has not yet taken payment from you for the goods listed above nor, indeed, taken the final step of confirming the shipment of your order to you by email (please see point b. in the section entitled 'The Contract Between US' on the first page of our Terms and Conditions). So we trust you will therefore appreciate that there is not a legal requirement to make this item available at the incorrect price.

    Once again, we really are very sorry about having to take this course of action resulting from what is a genuine error on our part, and whilst we do, of course, very much value you as a customer we hope that you will also understand our position and that you will be kind enough to accept our most sincere apologies.

    We appreciate that you may no longer wish to proceed with the order at the corrected retail price of £35.16, but if you do, then please place an order through

    me too, got mine around an hour ago

    Got mine too, oh well.

    me too !!

    Yeah me too but come on, we all knew it was going to be cancelled.

    Got one here too
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