Anyone had dealings with 'beepy' mobiles? -

    Just wondering as I seem to be getting the run-around with them,

    Ordered a phone, then they cancelled it, when I enquired they said I'd given wrong bank details. and need to re-order.

    So ordered again 5 days later, (30th)

    then realised that the cash for the 1st order had been taken from my account on27th,
    then on the 31st the 2nd amount was also taken

    Have not yet received refund for 1st order, they said on Monday it will take 3 days, enquired today and they apologised bla bla bla.

    Also have not received the phone for 2nd order!
    out of stock, but new stock to be in on 4th will be sent on 5th, I enquired where my phone - apologised bla bla bla will be sent out today but courier don't deliver until Monday (more delaying tactics ?)

    Thoughts ??

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