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Anyone had experience sending back faulty electricall goods to Littlewoods and Co?

Posted 14th May 2009
Evening all.

I bought a Vax carpet washer for £249 from Additions Direct and received it yesterday.

Set it up and started using it today - realised it doesn't hoover as well!

Can't return it as new as I did use it but am wondering what my chances are if I box it up and send it back as faulty - the washer doesn't suck up the water well enough and has left my carpets soaking wet?

Just phoned them and the guy told me to phone VAX but I only got it yesterday so am sure that if it is faulty I should be able to just send it back?

Anyone returned faulty electrical goods to them?
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under the sale of goods act the retailer is responsible for 12 months to offer repair replacement or refund.
in your case the product isnt to a satisfactory standard/quality for its purpose, you shouldnt have a problem returning it.
if its not faulty they will return it to you and you will be billed ?? possibly

im sure they offer to fix things i would make sure they dont just fix it before you send it cos u might end up worse off if they offer a replacment wont be too bad cos u can retun brand new replacment, fingers crossed for you its quite a lot of money to loose
ive returned stuff to them as faulty and had no problems so i would just return and ask for a replacement

ive returned stuff to them as faulty and had no problems so i would just … ive returned stuff to them as faulty and had no problems so i would just return and ask for a replacement

anything near that cost?

I don't want a replacement ideally but if thats all they will offer then I will send it back
ive got a faulty kettle i emailed them and they said i have to ring them with the details of the fault and they will replace it they didnt mention rining the company who make the kettle but they said to you ring vax, why dont you ring them again and see what a different advisor says maybe they will just arange to collect it for you

if they offer to replace say no way this one only lasted a day you will have a look for a better one
Not fit for purpose then under the DSR you have x amount of time to return it from the date of delivery.
Get a refund and go for the bissel pro-heat on the bissel site at just under £80, heats the water and has a long hose and tools for stairs and upholstery, highly recommended.
State that the item is faulty but it seems to be an intermittent problem . You should then be offered the choice of exchange or refund. Good luck
Spoke to another advisor who said that the 'high value item' team have to deal with it. She got through to them and they said that I have to phone VAX and see what they say and get them to authorise the return.

They aren't open now so will give them a call in the morning - not too happy with Additions CS, though - why should I have to chase VAX 1 day after buying an item? :x
i had something similar b4 xmas with a 50" tv. worked ok for about 10 minutes then the picture went off, called additions and they asked me to phone samsung, all they could do was offer a repair man to come and collect it to fix it!!! was not happy about the prospect of buying a new tv and having to get it repaired within a day. but i agreed because i thought i had no choice!!!!

got onto additions the day after and said i wasnt very happy, as they wouldnt like it would they if they had bought something new and had to get it fixed after 1 day. releuctantly they agreed and offered to collect it. i also didnt want to exchange it for the same model too because i was a bit put off by what had happened, so i downgraded to a 42" lol :).

bottom line of this little story was that a few weeks later the repair guy phoned me to say they couldnt get the part that they needed for the original 50" tv. so stick to your guns and send it back and choose a different model i did!!!!

so im so glad i phoned back additions and gave them a right old ear full!!!!

good luck
I bought a vax carpet washer a few months ago and it was poo! hardly sucked the water up and kept cutting out because the bubbles in the tank made the cut off float thing float to the top indicating the tank was full when it wasnt.... I wasnt happy with it and arranged for it to be collected and got a refund no problem hth

**bought from littlewoods

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