Anyone had experience with GameStation cancelling orders ???

Hi all. I ordered 2 DS games last week through GameStation which were posted at bargain prices on HUKD. Since then I haven't been able to track my orders on their website and ended up phoning them this morning. I was told the orders had been cancelled as my "debit card wasn't registered......"
"Strange that, " I said, "as the one full price game I ordered at the same time using the same debit card, arrived on Friday......."

The girl told me I was emailed re: the cancellations. (I obviously wasn't as I wouldn't be wasting money 'phoning you now, would I ???)...........

Any similar experiences ??



Everytime I order something from Gamestation they cancel the order or say its out of stock - even though when it reverts back to full price it appears back on line?

I ordered 2 DS games last week also plus another game like yourself, the full price one arrived but the HUKD one's never arrived.

Not using them again, like I say it not the first time!!

Yes they lied through their back teeth about a recent order I placed and I'm still waiting for a reply from their Customer Service (joke) Department.

Like you I ordered two DS games.
They took the order on the 9th November.
Nothing happened apart from the confirmation of order email.
I contacted them on the 13th after visiting the website and seeing my order was stuck on awaiting dispatch.
They replied on the 14th saying my order was being transfered from one part of the warehouse to another for dispatch. I was also asked by a Chris Hall to contact him if the order had not been dispatched within 3 days.

I contacted them again on the 18th November as the order still had not been dispatched and received the following email :
[COLOR="Blue"]Dear Customer,
Thank you for your recent order.
Unfortunately we no longer have stock of this product available and we are therefore unable to fulfil your order which has now been cancelled.
No money has been taken from your account for this order. endeavours to ensure that all availability information and descriptions on its website are accurate, however, on very rare occasions, errors do occur and unfortunately we are unable to confirm your order or despatch this item.
Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. I understand that you will be disappointed with this news.
Kind regards
Ben Dews[/COLOR]
Email Administrator
0845 345 0335

I have emailed them back on the same day and asked them to explain the contradiction and what the hell has been going on but they have not responded . That was 5 days ago and I am not holding my breath on ever getting an answer.

I don't believe they ever had any intention of honouring the order. I will not be using this bunch of cowboys again whatever the price and I am disturbed that they now appear to have my personal details including bank card numbers.

Steer clear people, any company that outright lies to you needs to avoided at all costs.


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yeah i pre-ordered battlefield 3 twice and was cancelled both times without explanation! when i saw this thread i decided to order elsewhere.

I KEEP GETTING THE FOLLOWING E-MAIL. Despite me complaining that noone is reading my e-mails and sending me the same templated generic e-mail they still send me this.

Thank you for your email.

I have checked the status of your order and I can confirm that it has been rejected by our security system.

Unfortunately we’re not always given a reason as to why an order is rejected, we’re simply provided with a yes or no answer as to whether or not the order can be processed.

When an order with Gamestation is rejected it is automatically cancelled by the system, because of this no payment has been taken, however, your card issuer may have preauthorised you for this order. What this means is that your card issuer is holding the funds until we take payment, as your order has now been rejected and cancelled no payment will be taken and the funds will become available to you after a predetermined time that is set by your card issuer.

I hope this information helps and if you do require any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

AND This is due to credit card details not going through?????? funny that i bought these items using purley my reward points. The ones I bought with my actual carxd had no problems going through. Seems to me like a bit of fraud is going on. They ssay you can buy games online with your points but if you do there cancel the order.

i order 8 times in this week via paypal on gamestation and all my orders cancelled
they are no serious ???
somebody can tell me where i can order games and ship me in a box "ill take many games"
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