Anyone had experience with Gamestation Extended Warranty

Today my PS3 went off whilst playing a game...I thought it was a power surge at first, but the radio was still on downstairs.

Anyway, I tried to turn it back on and the light went Green, but went straight back off. Now the light is jst flashing Red. I believe its the PS3 version of the RLOD ? My game is still stuck in the machine and wont eject

I phoned Gamestation and said to take it in, which I did. The guy told me that since its into the 2nd year, I had to take it home and phone Allianz Insurance for them to sort it. Quite annoying as it was a wasted trip to town and back.

Has anyone else had a similar outcome and had to send away for 2nd year warranty PS3s at Gamestation ? If so, did you get a replacement or did they fix it ?


What model is this?
If it is an old phat model then you should be able to remove the game by switching it off then switch it on whilst keeping your finger on the power button.
This will start the fan test during which you can press eject and get your game back.

Good luck with getting your PS3 fixed/replaced.

Original Poster

I tried that, but unfortunately no luck. It is an old-ish 60gb.

Thanks for the advice.

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