Anyone had experience with the HTC s620 (BT)

    Im currently with BT option 3 broadband and for an extra fiver a month i can get this HTC s620 with 100 free txts and 50mins calltime (i think)
    I just wondered what it was like for browsing the web because i currently use my N95 and its really aukward browsin web pages

    I hear you can have msn messenger on this HTC s620 also

    Anyone know if they any good?


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    I have it, and ain't a fan the BT software on it is naff, mobile internet explorer is poo for web pages (opera is far better) you can get MSN for it but does not come pre-installed. No 3G so web browsing is pretty slow. The 10Mb monthly allowance (currenlty unlimited until????) is tiny. You need to insatll extra apps to get youtube to work and other sites. Camera is only 1.3MP. Only keeping mine on till October then gonna try and get out of the contract, want to use thr VOIP on it to ring home for free from Gran Canaria. I think also you have to enter into a new 18month conrtract for your ADSL if you take it on. I personally would avoid it like a Black Gerbil thread

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    thanks for this, sounds appauling!
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