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Anyone had Mobile phone insurance from Lloyds Bank?

Posted 20th May 2014
As stated in question. I am thinking of upgrading my Classic Account so Silver Account for around £10 at Lloyds Bank. Silver Account includes Mobile Phone insurance (excess for iPhone £100 and Other £50), and few other benefits.
But I am after phone insurance.

Has anyone made a claim for their phone? How efficient was the claim process? How long did you had to wait to get your phone?

Thanks in advance.
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No but I remember seeing some terrible reviews so I would check that out.

No but I remember seeing some terrible reviews so I would check that out.

Most of the bad reviews will be from people taking out mobile insurance then claimingn almost immediaitely after for an expensive handset - that is to say using the insurance to claim for an already lost / damaged high end phone

Most insurers are noq wise to this and there are various qualification clauses in the T&Cs

yes i currently have it a joint account one with the mrs had her sent in and was very happy with service provided £50 for most phones or £100 for iphones excess. i havebused the breakdown which comes with and that was brillant aswell i am very happy to pay it
Depending on your average balance, you might be better off with the new Club Lloyds Silver account, which includes the same extras at the same price, but better interest rates.

I've had a silver account for years, but not had call to use any of the extras except for breakdown cover once.
Very efficient claim process. O2 were quoting me 2 weeks for the repair and were charging over 100 for the repair. Claimed through the insurance, paperwork pretty straight forward. got my fully repaired phone back within 3 days. They also replaced my screen (small crack on the bottom which had nothing to do with the fault) so pretty happy with the service.
My daughter is with them, she dropped her iphone 5, was told to send it away for repair. It was not an apple scree they replaced it with, she had a real load of hassle.
its pretty good actually but you can only claim twice in a year I think
thanks guys for the response.
Love digign up old threads

I have a LG G3 that failed to switch on. Going to be £50 excess is it still worth a claim?
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