Anyone had problems after Lollipop Update?

    Updated my Galaxy S5 SM-G900F to polish Lollipop 5.0, heard there have been some problems ... typically after i updated so far so good. Although i ran into a problem that the Facebook app would crash on start up solved by installing an old version of Facebook. I know its not 100% official as its not been released to UK handsets but wondered if anyone else has been as eager as me.


    I got the Nexus 6 and so far so good fingers crossed - but when I had my Nexus 5 a few applications such as Amazon, AutoGaurd, Dubsmash, Facebook, HotUKDeals and JUST EAT would crash for no reason at all, just said "the application has stopped working" and it would do this repeatedly until you restarted the device.
    I think I'm on 5.0.1 which I don't know if it fixed anything more?

    Take a look @ Sammobile forum ,see if anyone is having the same problem

    Also I would have waited or flashed a custom rom

    I've got an nexus 7 (2012 model) and got an OTA update for 5.02 yesterday. Prior to that, my N7 had been laggy as hell since the Lollipop (5.0 and 5.01) updates. Seems to be alright now with 5.02. Might be worth scouting on line and seeing if you can find a 5.02 ROM to sideload... Though it might not play nice with your Samsung.

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    It's not Laggy doesn't seem to be much wrong with it apart from the odd few apps crashing ... but that's not a major thing for now. I'll have a look on sammobile today see if there's an updated version anywhere, if not ill have to wait.
    It feels and looks so much better since I updated tho can't believe how much they've changed.

    Does your heads up notifications work? supposedly in lollipop, if you get a notification while using a full sized screen app it should appear over that app. but in mine it just appears on the top left and you need to pull menu down to see details?

    My Nexus 5 had battery issues, was draining stupidly fast - this was fixed with the latest update 5.0.1

    Although it could still be better...

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    my notifications appear at the top of the screen (right the way across) and i either have to swipe them up or just tap it to go to it. Ive not noticed a decrease in battery on 5.0 or an increase im still awaiting 5.0.1

    I've got the Nexus 7 2012 edition tablet & since the Lollipop update it's almost unworkable. It's incredibly laggy with constant crashing. I find it time consuming just to be able to read my emails. I'm surprised I haven't smashed the thing up! It's in desperate need of an update. I'm now hopeful after reading Danstons post. x

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    Is it an official update you have aswell? I put a leaked official on my s5 that was buggy as hell then updated it to a newer version released a week after and it's completely different.

    Sorry for the late reply but yes it's an official update.
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