anyone had problems with 'cash in my fone'/envirofone?

    Basically I couldn't be bothered to list my old (perfectly working) Sony Ericsson w810i on Ebay, so I checked their website and it said I could get ~£15 for it. Postage was paid for and they sent out a jiffy bag so it was pretty much no effort on my behalf.

    They take a couple of weeks to test it, but I finally get an email saying it has 'water damage', and they can only give me £5. So I politely decline and they sent the phone back - today I receive it and it's working exactly how I left it with no 'water damage' at all, not only that but it has a sticker on it saying "normal". Also the phone came with a 512MB memory card and to be honest I forgot to remove it, but I check now but they've decided to keep that!

    Rather poor from what I thought was a pretty well respected company. Anyone else had a problem with them?


    There might be water test patches in the inner workings of the phone which change colour when exposed to water which they were talking about, sometimes these can become positive if you have the phone in a steamy bathroom or use it out in the rain.

    Had a problem before. Sent a phone scratch free and they came back saying it was badly scratched.

    They are useless. Always knock at least 20% off what they state they will give you on their website.

    I would rather just go CEX who test the phone in front of you and give you a price.

    ive just sent mine off to these today.....

    Use mazuma, they hardly check the phone..

    had the same problem with them, offered £25 then claimed phone wasnt working on receipt and re-offered me £10.
    i declined and my working phone was returned, strange company

    try simply drop. run by royal mail. great service and quidco too :thumbsup:

    never had an issue with them...infact i sent them a htc diamond that would crash daily...they said it was fine and gave me about £75 for it at the time.

    mazuma are the best to use

    mazuma everytime, I decided to use 02 recycle as a one off, due to them offering more, but NO sign of my phone HmMm, I'd rather take a £3 hit on money next time, to get a service like mazumas, quick, easy, money wthin couple of days, I can't recommend them enough!

    Sent my C905 to CEX who returned it saying the screen had "sticky" stuff on it so they didnt want it (It was a screen protector !!!!) I took the protector off, posted it back and they paid me for a mint phone ... wierd !!!
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