anyone had their make up professionaly done from the likes of boots?

Posted 16th May 2007
just wondered if anyone has had their make up professionaly done by say boots or debenhams ? do u have to make an appointment or do u just say u want a make over and then probably buy a product at the end of the session ?:)
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i got it done from the maxfactor stand in boots - i wanted to but new make up and get out of the 'rut' i was in wearing the same stuff 4 years - it was good - i ended up spending about £100 - but got good tips and different stuff to wot i would have bought myself x
[SIZE=2]At my local large Boots, there is a charge of £10 if you don't buy anything. I nearly always buy the lipstick which covers the cost. Have had it done by Dior Clinique and No7 (always when big event on that night - so best to book ahead). [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]It is a good idea to book ahead esp on Saturdays. I never feel pressured into spending more than I want - (max spend £18). I buy most make up online. The good ones don't pressurise you into big spend. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Would avoid Benefit, very high pressure to sell products and they are relentless which puts me off. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]For a really special occasion (eg wedding), in the months before book sessions with different counters, 1 each week and then choose your favourite.[/SIZE]
My eldest daughter had hers done at Mac in Boots.

They did a good job of it and she bought the stuff they used.

But, I have to say I prefered it when she did it herself!

Basicaly, they do it quite 'loud', whereas she toned it down abit using the same colours and it did look better.

None the less, perhaps she wouldn't have considered the colours they did, so it does 'open your eyes' (excuse the punn!!) to alternatives you maybe wouldn't have considered.
I had a clinique one done but as Suze said, it was a bit over-the-top.
I bought a couple of bits from them- I booked the day before going in.
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