Anyone had this problem with

    I ordered my dad a Christmas present from about 2 months ago (it was on preorder). It should have been released about a week after I preordered it, but the release date got pushed back. The release date has now been pushed back 7 times. It did once get to it's release date but instantly went to "temporarily out of stock" before going back to a preorder date!! I have heard nothing from and when I call their C.S no one seems to know what is going on.

    It appears that they are having trouble getting hold of the stock but wont admit to it. Anyone else had this problem before?



    What is the item?
    Is it available anywhere else yet?

    I personally have not, but i have heard of a few people who have had problems when preordering of Play. I would just recommend in future to wait until the release date and buy it then, I've never had a problem with orders with them and haven't heard of many problems. Just preordering seems to trouble Play.

    Have they charged you yet?


    just cancel and order elsewhere if it has been released.

    Last year I intended to buy a limited edition Star Wars product as a Christmas present. I found it as a pre-order on the and Forbidden Planet sites. The price was £10 cheaper than FB and £30 cheaper than the RRP.

    I didn’t order but I had bookmarked the page and kept checking back. Early this year I decided to see if it was still available. The pics were still on site but the price had disappeared. I telephone who had no record of the product or if they ever would have it in stock.

    In May it was back online again as a pre-order, so I ordered from Play. They changed the expected release date from June to July to August to September. In October and November the release dates were changed weekly, usually 2 hrs before the given date. Now the date is 30th Jan 2009.

    I cancelled early November and bought from our local FB shop. The assistant said that, as far as he knew, there were only a few left in the country for sale and they were all in the FB shops and none online. Perhaps are anticipating a Jersey delivery but after a year they are being very optimistic.

    Last week I was going to buy a PS3 game but as I searched and browsed prices, the price almost doubled and became cheaper to buy elsewhere. It’s now back at the original price but it’s too late now.

    Yesterday I ordered a book from, shown as in stock and priced @ £9.99. I received a confirmation email but a few hours later, when I checked on the order status, the book was OOS, so I cancelled and bought @ Amazon. Today the price is £15.98 and the book only available through PlayTrade. seem to be doing their best to avoid my purchasing anything from their site. :roll:
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