anyone had to change thomson holiday departure date before? did they waive charges or am i hoping naively?

Posted 31st Dec 2016
My husband's shifts at work have changed meaning he should be at work on our departure date. It's really hard for him to swap shifts or book holidays apart from during certain times. Will be phoning thomson soon as they open tomo but in the meantime has anyone had to change departure dates before? Were they helpful? Can I definitely expect admin charges/cancellation charges to book a later departure date? Or is there a chance they will be nice and waive the charges? Thanks in advance. Hate an unresolved issue argh!
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if work have changed the shifts they should honour the holiday if its already booked, there will be smallprint with your paperwork regarding date changes, nothing to say they will fly out on the day you want either pound to a penny there will be admin charges - there always are
The holiday isn't booked in with his work as I booked with thomson earlier this year when there wasn't a sniff of his shifts changing. He couldn't have physically booked it on their system thingy till January 2017. I've had a look and practically the same holiday is available few days later when hubs is off work, so it will just be case of how much we have to stump up in charges. Thanks for taking the time to reply
do a sickie
Most companies include the 'admin charge' as part of their billing strategy. it's part of their pricing that maybe 20% of people have to pay it.

Insurance companies factor in this percentage of customers paying an admin charge for minor changes. get married/divorced, admin charge, change job, admin charge, cancel policy, admin charge, move and admin charge. It makes the original price lower and increases their profit margin because it's factored into their calculations.

sad but true.
Has your husband spoken with his employer about it? If there is a variance to his contracted shift pattern, which he could not have reasonably foreseen when you booked the holiday, and he had no opportunity (due to restrictions in when annual leave can be booked) to book it in on their system, then I would like to think that most employers would honour the holiday as it is pre-booked. In much the same way as when you change employers, the new employer will honour any pre-booked holidays.

Otherwise, I'm pretty sure Thomson will charge. Their t&c's suggest that travelling later than booked is treated as a cancellation:

3. We charge an ‘Amendment Fee’ for each detail of your booking we allow you to change, see guide to our amendment fees table below. Please note that more major changes, including but not limited to, travelling later than planned, changes which lower the basic price of your holiday, and changes which result in your holiday ceasing to be a Package Holiday or Thomson Cruise will be treated as a cancellation and incur the appropriate charges in line with Section 12.

70 days or more Loss of deposit
69 - 63 days 30%
62 - 49 days 50%
48 - 29 days 70%
28 - 15 days 90%
14 - 0 days 100%

Looks like it could potentially be expensive to move the date of the holiday
Thanks everyone. Hubs is home from a night shift now so will speak to him about potential of swapping shifts with someone. If not, thomson phone line opens 9am and from the t&cs sounds like I'd lose initial deposit £225 which would sting but not end of the world if I can negotiate something for the new booking like a bit off or extra leg room on the flights (hubs is 6ft 5!) or room upgrade. Maybe being naive that they'll be nice and understanding, but worth a try!
Cost £150 but got extra leg room seats supposedly worth £90 so I'm happy-ish. Least it's sorted and I can stop flapping about it
Airlines make more money changing details than they do the flights.
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