Anyone had UPVC roofline done?

    Hi folks,

    Thinking of having the guttering, soffits etc done so low maintenance, anyone had this done before and any ideas on prices? House is a three bedroom semi detached. Just wanted to see any idea on prices before went to local companies.


    You are best buying the materials & getting a local joiner to fit them..

    You will get a good deal at SIG Building Plastics.. They can probably recommend a reputable tradesman to fit it too!…er/

    just had mine done, 2 bed end terrace for £800 had loads of quotes saying I had to have scaffolding which put the price up loads but it didnt need it and looks great

    The scaffold will cost more than the Fascia / Gutters , three sides of a house like yours is around £550 + vat , the plastic will cost around £280 + vat

    And of course whatever the local Builder will charge you for fitting , that vary s from builder to builder

    I live in a 3 bed semi and was £1200 3 yrs ago. For any work I ask for 3 quotes, but for this job needed more quotes as so many seem to just clad over rotten wood, don't strip roof tiles back etc. The company. Went with (local) has step by step photos of previous work and that along with price was reason I chose them.

    If scaffold is used,it would be better to get any roof repairs done at the same time.Ridgework,slates/tiles repaired,leadwork checked and also have eaves felt changed and plastic felt support units fitted including comb fillers if needed to stop any pests entering, birds etc. Only if rotten,also note if capping board is fitted,make sure roof tiles still have enough overhang,So rainwater drops into gutter.
    Best gutter is deepflow profile.Its all well and good having it look nice but it must do the its purpose well
    Hope it helps
    davnav (Roofer)

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the replies people, will get a few quotes but also ask specifically what steps they will take and what products they will be using.


    Crazy how much people charge these days for what is really a simple job. If you got scaffolding its not that hard but obviously cost of that or 2 decent ladders plus two people. I'm currently doing the same thing btw had scaffolding put round but im doing all of it at once repointing, gutters, pvc trims etc to justify cost of scaffolding. The real hard part is trying to find someone who isnt a muppet with a ladder, knows what they are doing but wont charge the earth.
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