Anyone haggled with Virgin Active for membership lately?

Found 26th Oct 2015
My wife wants to join.

I've found a few posts from a year or so back saying you can haggle for a number of things, but nothing recently.

Anyone know if they're still do?

Also, anyone whose a member, I see they do one price for anytime and another for 'off peak' but they don't state what times are off peak! Anyone know?

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Im a member of my local and the recruitment guy was a friend of a friend. They said that when Virgin took over my local and plugged a few million into the complete renovation they locked out any offers excluding 'normal' members, joint and staff.

Even still, when there are offers, its usually corporate style stuff (outside of the normal corporate rate) and very limited stuff.

Its pretty water tight, but then from all the gyms ive used, they really are the smartest and most chav-free.
I had a walk around last week and monthly cost was too steep for me, awaited call back from staff member. No offer of a reduction at all, was wondering about waiting till New Year?
Thanks both. I know they're doing '3 times your joining fee back if you go more than twice a week for the first (I think) month'.
Looked at the off peak, but the times are just silly. You can only go in a 5 hour window week days (11 to 4).

But she only wants to use the pool! She can get a better deal at one of the local hotels health clubs than with VA.

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