Anyone handy know what this plumbing / hot water issue could be?

Found 14th Dec 2017
A friend has just moved into a new build house with the usual snagging/shoddy finishing issues. There appears to be a more basic problem with the shower in the second bathroom (not sure about the bath in the main bathroom). Though he thinks he had one shower that was ok temperature wise before this started the shower now appears to run either scalding hot or stone cold so is basically unuseable. The plumber sent by the builder has decided that he thinks the pipes are back to front (whatever that means) and wants to start chopping the pipework out. Does this sound right? Surely if this was the case would it not always have been like this and therefore there would never have been any showers with an acceptable temperature which there was to start with?

Does anyone have a different opinion in this before my friend's brand new bathroom is damaged in the refit? Could it be a problem with the water mixing part? How is it that one minute a shower can be way too hot and the next stone cold? Thanks very much.
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Not really sure about the issue, but could he not ask the plumber to connect up the pipes in reverse with some flexible pipes to test that it is the issue before pulling anything apart ?
Is it ran off combi or electric shower
Probably the shower thermostat. If the pipes were the wrong way around then you would still get a variable temperature.

Plumber could just shut off the supplies, remove the shower bar and turn the supply on to check what comes out of each outlet

Ripping out plumbing just makes it seem like the plumber is looking for work or is useless
plodging1 h, 16 m ago

Is it ran off combi or electric shower

combi. Thanks
The way to tell is run the shower seltecting a mid temperature and see which side of the mixer fitting gets the hottest - if it is the left then it is plumbed correctly - if right then not!
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ok thanks - just to summarise what it could actually be though - there are 2 options then:

1 shower thermostat issue (which I think most likely as at one time the shower was fine)
2 pipes round the wrong way which can be checked before shower pulled to bits.

Could it be anything else at all? Thanks very much.
Also just to clarify the boiler is a Potterton Promax SL which is a direct feed - it has no cold water tank but has a hot water tank.
plodging11 h, 10 m ago

Is it ran off combi or electric shower

The boiler is a Potterton Promax SL which is a direct feed - it has no cold water tank but has a hot water tank. Thanks.
Turn the shower to HOT. If the water is HOT, then the pipes are unlikely to be reversed. Turn the shower to COLD. If the water is COLD, then the pipes are almost certainly not reversed.

Notify the builder in writing. When (not if) the builder does the repair in a new house, they must make good to NEW standards. It's easy although it will look a mess while they do it. Your friend will have the 10 year warranty (NHBC) and he can also complain of a safety issue

If the mixer unit is not a Thermostatic model (not sure if they have to be under Building Regs) then as part of any plumbing work, consider a Thermostatic valve unit (cost probably £75-£150 online. Builders don't do exotic but will try to tell you its £00s). Once you knwo the model, Google it and you should find what you need.
If it's a thermostatic shower then you should be able to switch the cartridge around as it sounds like they have plumbed in the pipes the wrong way around, but I'm not sure what valve you have or how easy it would be to switch it.
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