Anyone has a "Q" from innocent smoothie alphabet fridge magnet to swap?

    Has anyone got a spare letter "Q" from the innocent fruit smoothie fridge magnet alphabet?
    I could swap if for any TWO of the following: A, R, C, O, G, U


    sorry.. i need a Q, f and w!! ive bought tonnes of these packs and still missing them!

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    I have finally got lucky today in Sainsbury's and got the last letter needed - the Q!!!

    I can offer you a 'W' though still looking for a couple of 'D's and 'R's

    Also got plenty of 'A's and 'C's:)

    looking for z w and r , we've got plenty of d,l,n,s,y 's to swap


    I have got a, d, g,h, i, j,k,l,m,o, p, r, s,w,y to swap - I only need b, v and x and then have the full set! Someone please help!

    I've got b, 2 f's and g to swap - I need any of the following i, j, k, l, o, p,q, r, t, w, x, y, z. In other words half of the alphabet! lol i've been lucky in that any of the packs I've bought have been different letters.......cottoned on to collecting rather late in the day though! :oops:

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