Anyone has Plusnet mobile?

Found 20th Jan
I have 2 Plusnet sim as well as an EE sim.

When someone calls me on my EE sim, the phone rings until that person gives up if I don't answer the phone or I am away from my phone.

However, when someone calls me on my Plusnet sim, the caller gets cut off after about 10 rings if I don't answer the phone.

Anyone else experience this with their Plusnet sim? If so, is there a way to stop this and allow the phone to ring until the caller gives up? This happens on both my Plusnet sims.

I don't use voicemail.
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Well I suspect anyone near you is cheering. More than 10 rings and you want it to keep annoying everyone else? Use Voicemail.

Hooray for Plusnet
Amazing how skewed some people's view of life is. 'i'm not there so I want it to ring for even longer'. Pathetic really. Carry your MOBILE with you or put it on silent instead of extending the time it rings for.

Although things will probably sort themselves out quite quickly. In our office, people used to find their phones switched off all together. Some even suffered an accidental hard reboot with all data wiped. It can happen if you just hold the button down a bit too long.
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I'm just confused about who would want to speak to you.
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