Anyone have 2 or more bank acc with overdrafts?

    Hi i want to open a new bank acc where i can put money into each month,i already have a acc with lloyds tsb with a overdraft and so was wondering whats another good bank to use with a overdraft facility?

    maybe one thats better for poeple with a less than perfect credit history



    Why do you want to add to your debt? lol

    i have one with alliance & leicester & one with abbey

    i find the abbey are the best bank .. easy to contact and fair with overdraft etc

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    Just checked and there isnt a abbey in my town,how would i pay money into them?



    theres a account checker online somewhere where you entyer your details and it comes up with accounts suited to you with less than perfect credit score

    barclays, citibank plus others have accounts for the uncreditworthy lol



    OP with all due respect, with the few threads you have posted here … OP with all due respect, with the few threads you have posted here lately, it sounds like you are having financial issues. Adding to that by getting an overdraft could make things worse.Banks are not that quick to give out overdrafts to new customers with debt elsewhere, seek advice from CAB, get them to go over your finances, see where you can cut back etc. Robbing Peter to pay Paul can only last for so long, if that's way off the mark sorry, but it's the impression I get from recent threads.


    unlikely in current climate you will get an overdraft with a poor credit history,may be better to try and seek some financial advice

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    I will be getting a payout from my work shares in june so needed some money for now and pay back it from the share payout iget in june so not as bad as you think
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