anyone have a biorb + intelligent LED?

Found 2nd Feb 2010
I bought the light for the tank a couple of months back but i don't know how much more water i can put into the tank? a friend of mine fills it right to the top, but I have mine with around a 2 inch gap, but it seems to cause loads of bubbles at the top area of the water!
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i dnt think it should be filled all the way to the top, my parents have one and have a gap between the water line and the light. also in the images on google most of them have a gap you can always go to your pet shop and ask if you want to know for sure
yeah i bought one for someone as a gift at christmas they say the bubbles hit the light unit and after it dries it blocks the light but it also might be to do with this one having a heater in it to, but its def a strange design that the light unit gets wet other than that its been a great little tank.
I have the Biube (the tube one) and the instructions said to leave 2 inches clear at the top. Our friends have the Big Biorb and they do the same and leave 2 inches at the top. Its especially important with the Biord as the surface water is less than the Biube. Fish need oxygen, and the greater surface water the better, and the bubbles created by the filter will die down after a while.

Is it new or have you had it a while, because if its new then the bubbles will be greater until the air stone settles down.

Edit: We are now on our third intelligent LED, any spike in the electric seems to blow them and you can no longer set the timer, but on a more positive note, the intelligent LED gets so warm, we no longer use the heater, the water is warm enough for tropical fish and we have had our tank for nearly 4 years.
Yes got both...leave 2 inch gap.
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