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Im thinking of getting a land rover defender. Im 18 and i have always wanted one. I have been offered a 1993 land rover defender 90 county 200tdi for £1200. Insurance is around £1300 so all in all its cheaper than buying a nice corsa and insurance for that. I know fuel will be a stinger but i am saving more on long run.

So, does anyone have one

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they older ones are supposedly easier to maintain, no electrics to fiddle around with (ECU etc....), so why not, would be fun.


>Insurance is around £1300 so all in all its cheaper than buying a nice corsa and insurance for that

Maybe for the first year, then another £1300 (or maybe slightly less) for the next year, then again for the following year and so on.

Over a 3 or 4 year period the total cost of ownership will be FAR higher.

Servicing will also be high, as will parts like tyres (I bet the tyres will be 4 times as much than a corsa). Also a 1993 car is hardly in the flush of youth.

While it is nice to have a dream car, personally I would keep the cost down for 3 or so years, build up a no claims bonus, and once you are over 21 (with a few years no claim) THEN get a defender.

By the way, this seems to be under the topic of Computers, not sure why.

If I select Topic "Computers" and scroll through them I find this entry.

That may be limiting the people who see it, not sure how you change it.

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Yeh i clicked computing by mistake.
Suppose so...but in a few years time i will have a lot more outgoings so it will be harder.

but a good old defender wont depriciate like a brike out of a window!! a new corsa will

go with the defender easy as pie to maintain!!

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Cheers foxy, I havent got a good mechanical knowledge base but i know a few bits so hopefully i might be able to service it myself, if i sell it i can make a good profit because its so cheap.

defenders are class! and as you age a couple years, the insurance will drop a fair bit. your insurance is high because of your age just now. get a couple years without claiming and you'll be laughing.
Though personally i would get a 110. perfect for chucking mates mtb's in the back and hitting some trails.

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Yeh, but i will have more outgoings as i get a full time job etc, i think i will get one now, btw anyone else got one?
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