Anyone have a Grande Punto above 05 plate? (wiper blades)

    Just wondering if anyone has a Grande Punto Fiat above 05 plate

    Were needing to buy wipers but the Valeo X-TRM Original set we got made streaks and major noise as they were wiping

    Anyone got any preferences or sites to buy a decent pair that does the job and swishes without a loud noise

    Before anyone says anything, we cleaned the outside car glass loads


    you tried here to see what they suggest?

    I'd just replace them with bosch wiper blades, i use them on my car, my mum's and my dad's. never had any problems, good quality, long lasting, and great value for money!

    Try washing up liquid on the rubber, it normally stops all the squeaking noises!!

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    What are the price ranges for the Bosch ones?

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    Yeh wiperblades say Valeo, we got 2 packs from and both packs put us off as they had the same ailments

    We put the original old ones back on and everything is fine, so it's not the windows

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    Would these fit above 06 plate:

    Bosch wiper blades

    a guide price of £15 pound for the two, but in my opinion, well worth it, just go to your local halfords or car shop.

    not to sure about them, but you can enter your reg on and they'll find the correct ones for you

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    Mike we went into Halfrauds the other week and they quoted £50-60 for the Grande Punto wipers

    somebody at halfords didnt have a clue what they were doing then! try one of your local car shops then, if they dont stock them, they'll order them in for you probably
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